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Plastic processing

using injection technology.

High quality product

Confirmed by the Quality Management System and long-term cooperation with regular customers

Plastic processing


„ELPLAST” Sp. z o.o. is a company dealing with provision of services in plastic processing with use of injection technology. We perform the injection moulds in co-operation with tool-maker’s shops located in various sites in Poland. Our offer includes both, finished products manufactured from our own tools (moulds) as well as the parts produced on entrusted tools (moulds), based on customer’s special request. We also execute the orders of “from design to detail” type i.e. from creating a design, through supervision over manufacturing of its injection mould, up to obtaining a final product.


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Our long experience, proven specialist staff and modern machine park enable us offering our customers the highest possible quality of our services.

Our machinery



Wide variety

of materials

We have injection molding machines with a clamping force of 25 tons up to 260 tons and a grammage of injection up to 800 grams.


Za nami kolejna edycja targów branżowych z przetwórstwa tworzyw sztucznych “PLASTPOL” w Kielcach. Serdecznie dziękujemy wszystkim partnerom i klientom, z którymi mieliśmy przyjemność się spotkać. Mamy nadzieję- do zobaczenia za rok!

Śruba motylkowa S-2 nowy design

Informujemy, że oferta detali ELPLAST została zaktualizowana o nową wersję śruby motylkowej! Nowoczesny, opływowy kształt, wszechstronne zastosowanie. Wymiary dostępnej śruby: M6x20; M6x25; M6x30; M6x35; M6x40; M6x45; M6x50 oraz M8x20; M8x25; M8x30; M8x35; M8x40; M8x45; M8x50

Our offer

HVAC products

We produce the elements of air conditioning systems:

  • tooth wheels for multi-leaf air dampers
  • handles to inspection doors
  • wing screws
  • clamps

Our services

We provide:

  • quick and professional execution of your orders
  • consulting in the scope of material selection
  • professional technical support in tooling i.e. injection moulds’ design and manufacturing
  • preparing technological background for production of plastic elements and their manufacturing

„ELPLAST” Sp. z o.o.


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