„ELPLAST” Sp. z o.o. managed to achieve the position of significant partner for major Polish companies from HVAC industry. We produce the elements of air conditioning systems – e.g. tooth wheels for multi-leaf air dampers, handles to inspection doors, wing screws and clamps…

HVAC products

We produce the elements of air conditioning systems:

  • tooth wheels for multi-leaf air dampers
  • handles to inspection doors
  • wing screws
  • clamps

Our services

We provide:

  • quick and professional execution of your orders
  • consulting in the scope of material selection
  • professional technical support in tooling i.e. injection moulds’ design and manufacturing
  • preparing technological background for production of plastic elements and their manufacturing

Our full offer includes both ready-made and customized products, manufactured on special orders of our individual customers. We offer the option of manufacturing custom-tailored products to meet special requirements our customers. We also execute the orders of “from design to detail” type i.e. from creating a design, through supervision over manufacturing of its injection mould, up to obtaining a final product.

Process steps “from design to product”: