Our services

We provide a full range of services in performance of plastic elements.

Our full offer includes both ready-made and customized products, manufactured on special orders of our individual customers. We offer the option of manufacturing custom-tailored products to meet special requirements our customers.

We possess injection moulding machines with clamp force ranging from 20 tons to 260 tons and injection weight ranging up to 800 grams. We process such plastics as: PA, ABS, PC, PBT, PMMA, PE, POM, PP, PS, PUR, PVC, SAN.

We also execute the orders of “from design to detail” type i.e. from creating a design, through supervision over manufacturing of its injection mould, up to obtaining a final product.

We assure

  • Quick and professional execution of your orders
  • Consulting in the scope of material selection
  • Professional technical support in tooling i.e. injection moulds’ design and manufacturing
  • Preparing technological background for production of plastic elements and their manufacturing